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6 Pieces Blade Eyeshadow Brush Soft Eye Makeup Brushes

6 Pieces Blade Eyeshadow Brush Soft Eye Makeup Brushes

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Soft and non-flying powder, making it easy to draw eyeshadow, handmade, artisan quality.

Soft fiber bristles, thickened aluminum tube, wooden shaft brush handle.

Large eyeshadow brush: dip the brush into the base color of the eyeshadow palette, and Z-dye a large area

from the root of the eyelashes upwards.

Medium eyeshadow brush: dip the brush into the main color and follow the root of the lashes to the double

eyelid crease.

Small eyeshadow brush: deepen the root of the lashes and slowly smudge away from the left and right.

Tapered detail brush: brush dips into highlighter to brighten the sleeper silhouette and the middle and head of

the eyelid.

Detail eyeshadow brush: deals with small areas, deepening the shadows under the eyelid to the sleeper


Blade eyeshadow brush: fills in eyebrow gaps with precision and sprays wet brush head to spend eyeliner.


Item Type: Makeup Brush

Material: Soft Synthetic Fiber+Plastic Handle

Weight: 44g

Package included:

6* makeup brushes

1*PU bag


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